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Business Law – J. Paye & Associates Attorneys at Law

Business Law

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  • Counseled Internet Start-up on business formation.
  • Structured complex commercial real estate purchase for a venture capitalist.
  • Counseled aspiring fashion designer on an investment deal with a Professional NBA player.
  • Drafted joint venture agreement for tour promotion company.
  • Negotiated sponsorship agreements for several small businesses.

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Business Law

From cake to corporations, J. Paye & Associates specializes in making sure that business owners can focus on growing their business while knowing that their legal decisions are accurate and trustworthy. From five-figure settlement deals to consumer fraud action lawsuits, J. Paye & Associates believes that client customer service is a top priority.

When starting a business, business owners may be surprised by the amount of legal specifics they will have to flesh out before opening to the public. Common examples of legal assistance needed include marketing products or services, basic rules for advertising, employment and labor laws, finance laws, intellectual property laws, workplace safety, employee eligibility, environmental regulations, sales tax specifics on e-commerce earnings and financial contracts.

With offices in Atlanta and Chicago, J. Paye & Associates is savvy at dealing with both small, startup companies and larger corporations. The team works with local, national and international locations in a variety of industries such as business, entertainment, fashion apparel, food, financial, online publishing, real estate, sports marketing and tourism/travel, to name a few.

International Clients: Johnetta Paye, Esq., the lead attorney of the firm, was born in Liberia. Her firm has used her background to publish the “African Business Quarterly” for business owners interested in increasing their business contacts and possible locations in Africa. Startup tips include “How to do business in Africa checklist” and “Investing in Africa.” J. Paye & Associates Africa Practice group was also featured in ABA Journal. In addition to the digital publication, the firm has provided legal services for U.S.-based tech startups from African millennials.

Additionally, J. Paye & Associates’ assignments include working with clients to create business contracts for an international Chinese manufacturing company.

Business Negotiations: Paye, leads her team in U.S.-based legal help for clients interested in:

  • 501(c)(3) applications for nonprofits
  • Breach of contract lawsuits
  • Business clause drafting and review
  • Business formation and counseling
  • Bylaw drafting and review
  • Commercial leasing
  • Commercial litigation
  • Consumer fraud action lawsuits
  • Contract review
  • Corporation annual reports
  • Corporate status reinstatement
  • Counseling clients on choosing classes of shares to issue
  • Drafting joint venture agreements
  • Drafting investment agreements (focus on high-net worth clients)
  • Drafting operating agreements and advisor agreements
  • Forbearance agreements
  • Forming corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Independent contractor best practices
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Real estate closings
  • Related litigation
  • State filing
  • Tax-exempt application drafting
  • Trademark registrations

Real Estate: J. Paye & Associates also has a healthy background in real estate. In addition to the legal assistance mentioned above, Paye is Of Counsel at Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP, where she has represented firm clients in negotiations between condo owners and condo association disputes.

Food Industry: For two years, Paye co-taught “Building a Successful Cake Business” course at the Wilton School of Baking in Illinois. Students receive lessons in business entities (corporations and LLCs), basic copyright, Illinois food law (i.e., “cupcake laws”) and trademarks.

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