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Who We Are – J. Paye & Associates Attorneys at Law

Who We Are

[trx_sc_promo title_style=”default” title_tag=”h2″ title_align=”left” image_position=”right” image_width=”75%” image_height=”390px” video_in_popup=”” size=”normal” full_height=”” text_float=”left” text_paddings=”” description=”J. Paye & Associates has been going strong since its start in 2009, with the purpose of providing clients quality legal services in business, entertainment and real estate.” image=”1372″ image_bg_color=”#0a0000″ title=”Who We Are” text_margins=”16em -20em 0 0 “][trx_sc_background right=”0.2em” bottom=”0.3em” color=”#f8f8f8″][/trx_sc_promo]


The J. Paye & Associates difference:

  • We are entrepreneurs and risk takers.
  • We are lawyers who are approachable and great listeners.
  • We encourage our clients to communicate openly with us.
  • We build personal relationships with our clients.
  • We believe in collaboration and teamwork.
  • We are passionate about the law and getting results for our clients.
  • We believe that legal services should be affordable.

Record of Successes:

  • Represented and secured favorable settlement payment for client in a breach of contract action against JP Morgan Chase Bank.
  • Successfully defended client in collection action initiated by Commonwealth Edison (ComEd).
  • Secured favorable settlement payment for a client in a copyright infringement action.
  • Litigated a breach of contract action against Latino Grammy award winning artist Elvis Crespo.
  • Negotiated licensing agreement for jazz group, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.
  • Negotiated Investor Agreement for a professional athlete to become an investor in a client startup company.