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Legal issues can leave a company depleted and distracted from its primary role and purpose.  With the advice and counsel of the right law firm, however, legal issues do not remain a distraction.  Instead, with the help of J. Paye & Associates, previous distractions are now viewed with renewed perspective, once depleted resources are now used more efficiently.  Companies can focus on remaining competitive and growing the business.  In today’s marketplace, partnering with the right legal professionals is not merely a cost of doing business, but rather it is how business stays in business.

Whether you are a large corporate entity or simply deciding to start your own venture, J. Paye & Associates can help you.  There is no issue too small, no matter too big.  We are experienced enough to deal with the complex needs of the largest companies yet personable enough to help small shops open their doors.  Contact us today for all your business law needs, to see how we can help you protect your business and stay competitive.

If you are looking for a business law attorney or are dealing with commercial litigation whether within the greater Chicago area or across the globe contact J. Paye & Associates for help.

The legal professionals at J. Paye & Associates are experienced attorneys skilled in handling the many difficulties our business clients face each day.  We can help you with your business formation, contract drafting and review, litigation, and more.  We can also help you decide what type of company you should form, or we can help you defend claims against your business.

The J. Paye & Associates Difference


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  • International Clients: Johnetta Paye, Esq., the lead attorney of the firm, was born in Liberia. Her firm has used her background to publish the “African Business Quarterly” for business owners interested in increasing their business contacts and possible locations in Africa. Startup tips include “How to do business in Africa checklist” and “Investing in Africa.” J. Paye & Associates Africa Practice group was also featured in ABA Journal. In addition to the digital publication, the firm has provided legal services for U.S.-based tech startups from African millennials.
  • Real Estate: J. Paye & Associates also has a healthy background in real estate. In addition to the legal assistance mentioned above, Paye is Of Counsel at Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP, where she has represented firm clients in negotiations between condo owners and condo association disputes.
  • Food Industry: For two years, Paye co-taught “Building a Successful Cake Business” course at the Wilton School of Baking in Illinois. Students receive lessons in business entities (corporations and LLCs), basic copyright, Illinois food law (i.e., “cupcake laws”) and trademarks.

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