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Real Estate Law

A realtor’s job is to find a suitable home for buyers in a desirable neighborhood, with sufficient space and for a reasonable price. But while the realtor is negotiating the price and closing credits, there are countless reasons why a real estate lawyer is a necessary investment, too.

Johnetta G. Paye, Esq., the owner of J. Paye & Associates, and her team can provide many needs in the real estate industry:

  • Advise on real-estate related legal issues
  • Assigning purchase agreements
  • Closings for investment property buyers
  • Drafting deeds (ex. corrective deeds, quitclaim deeds, warranty deeds)
  • Drafting operating agreements
  •  Filing corrective, quitclaim and warranty deeds
  • Foreclosure agreements
  • Forming limited liability companies (LLCs) and corporations
  • Guarding against mortgage fraud
  • Hard money loans
  •  Land-holding companies
  • Land trusts for investment property and residential buyers
  • Litigation
  • Ordering title commitments
  • Real estate wholesaling
  • Representation for sellers, repeat buyers and first-time buyers
  • Representation for rental and purchased “flip” properties
  • Reviewing general contracts
  • Review title searches and chain of title
  • Short sales
  • Structuring double closings
  • Vacation rental (ex. Airbnb) legal assistance

J. Paye & Associates is here to provide service for commercial real estate agencies, developers, home buyers, landlords, residential real estate agencies, real estate brokers, realtors, sellers and tenants.

The firm represents nationally recognized, international and Chicago-based real estate investor clients. Paye, the firm’s lead attorney is an attorney title agent for Chicago Title, Greater Illinois Title Company, Fidelity National Title, ATA National Title, Barrister Title and Lakeland Title.

At J. Paye & Associates  Atlanta and Chicago office, the goal is not just to confirm paperwork and purchasing agreements. J. Paye & Associates wants clients to have legal representation that they can trust for more than a call or office appointment. Currently as outside legal counsel for Jay Morrison, a nationally recognized real estate investor, Paye’s duties range from legal advice to attending investor meetings and business initiatives. But the legal team wants individual property owners, as well as corporations, to also be better at understanding the real estate industry — with or without counsel.

In 2015, J. Paye & Associates teamed up with MaryAnn Marsh, a real estate broker and co-owner of Chicago’s M Lounge, to help everyday homeowners become more educated in property queries — free of charge. Their four-part collaboration video series provides easy-to-follow guides about the basics of a deed-in-lieu, a short sale and loan modifications. Everyday home buyers learn why a bank would be willing to work with them to get any of the three, in addition to when to and when not to decide on home foreclosures. Michael Maze, Esq., of the Mazek Law Group LLC, was also a guest participant.

Focus areas in the video series include answering questions such as: What is a loan modification? What is a short sale? What is a deed in lieu of foreclosure? What exactly is foreclosure? The six-minute video tutorials provide these tips and more, and are accessible nationwide. The goal was not only to provide fundamental tips but to help homeowners avoid common pitfalls when doing business in the housing industry.

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