Second Annual Gala 4 Goals

Second Annual Gala 4 Goals

J. Paye & Associates is a proud sponsor of The Sanneh Foundation Second Annual Gala 4 Goals.

The Sanneh Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation established by Tony Sanneh, Former Major League Soccer Player and member of the 2002 U.S. World Cup Team.

The mission of The Sanneh Foundation is to use the appeal of soccer to develop at-risk youth into leaders and prepare them for success.

  • Over 2,400 individuals benefit from the foundation each year.
  • Sponsored funds are used to provide afterschool enrichment and in-classroom academic support programs to thousands of at-risk students from low income communities.
  • Through its four leadership pillars (Dreamline Corp, College Prep, Cultural Competency, and Service Learning), the foundation offers well-structured program activites that empower and inspire youth to become active, well-educated cross-cultural leaders.


To learn more about The Sanneh Foundation visit

The Sanneh Foundation’s goal is to work in partnership with schools and communities utilizing soccer as a tool to cultivate leadership, fight racism, serve the community, and prepare youth for success.

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