Entertainment Law

The entertainment industry is treacherous business. Margins are shrinking and the talent pool is widening. However, the more things change, the more some things remain constant. It is often the best-supported entertainers, not necessarily the most talented ones, who make it big in this industry. Properly supported entertainers are able to focus on their craft and leave contract negotiation, formation and interpretation to skilled attorneys like the professionals at J. Paye & Associates. With proper legal counsel from an experienced entertainment law firm like J. Paye & Associates, entertainers can be sure that their talents will be recognized and their financial interests protected.

J. Paye & Associates can help you protect yourself, your brand and your art, no matter the medium in which you entertain. Whether you are a young talent, just starting out in your field, or have worked in the industry for years, we are experienced entertainment law attorneys who can help you, advocate for you and protect you in your agreements, contracts, publications, and all aspects of your career. The services we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Draft, review, negotiate:
    • Artist recording and producer agreements
    • Music publishing agreements
    • Film and television contracts
    • Artist management agreements
    • “Work-for-hire” agreements
    • Book Publishing agreements
    • Endorsement agreements
    • Licensing agreements for digital distribution of music online
  • Counsel on Right of Publicity and privacy issues
  • Advise on internet-based entertainment ventures
  • Pre-publication review of manuscripts and screenplays
  • Structure licensing and merchandising deals

J. Paye & Associates is dedicated to helping entertainers do what they love without mortgaging their futures to do it. If you are an entertainer from Hollywood to Broadway to the City of Big Shoulders, we are here to help. Call us today to get the assistance, integrity and expertise in representation that you need to protect yourself, your talent, and your future.

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Representative Cases

  • Negotiated music licensing agreement for Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
  • Negotiated European Concert performances for Jewel B., formerly of the hip-hop duo Yo Majesty.
  • Provided legal consultation for the documentary Blacklight.
  • Negotiated Development deal for an upcoming artist.
  • Negotiated Recording Contract for aspiring singer.
  • Negotiated music publishing agreement for songwriter.